Hiring a companion is much cheaper than maintaining a girlfriend

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Though you want company only for a movie so that you could have fun for some time, your lover would not end up with a movie, rather she would be interested in having dinner outside in some costly restaurant. This may continue further with shopping in nearby mall thus emptying your pocket. Well, this is a phase after you get a girlfriend. Before getting green signal from her, you would have spent even more probably in choosing some costly gift so as to assure her that you are financial strong and would not let her in to trouble later when you want to continue in a healthy and long term marriage relationship.

One costly gift would not suffice, you may have to gift her nearly 3 to 4 costly gifts every year so as to maintain relationship. You may be wondering why you should do so much for a true love. Yes, you may be correct one way, hence one best alternative you could think about is getting an New York Asian escort who could join you as and when you want. You could only pay her on an hourly basis and you do not have to worry about emptying your pocket in buying her gifts like you do for your girlfriend.

You could spend rest of your money in spending on friends. You could go with friends to all beautiful places of this world as you would never get back this chance of spending time with friends. Though you may continue your friendship with friends you hardly would get time to spend as bachelors and hence it is advisable that you do not miss this wonderful chance of enjoying life as bachelors. You could also take your companion with you but for long term engagement you may have to pay her more.